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Timber Deck Installation

Ballarat Decking is a decking specialist that offers beautiful natural timber products in Australia. This includes natural hardwood timber decking that can be used in creating awesome commercial and residential decks.

Hardwood decking is a construction material that is used to build outdoor decks. The material is created from different hardwood species, which can vary depending on the desired structural properties and appearance.

Hardwood species like teak, ipe, and cedar and the most commonly used materials for timber decking. This is mainly because the woods have a natural resistance to moisture and mould, thereby enhancing the decks’ strength and durability. Go with timber if you want your deck to be naturally beautiful. Additionally, timber decking can help you increase the enjoyment and value you would get from your home.

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Picking the Right Timber

Selecting the right timber for your deck can be difficult. There are different factors to consider when deciding which wood is right for you. These factors include maintenance requirement, appearance, location of the deck, availability, and budget.

Maintenance Requirement

Maintaining the deck is important if you want it to continue to look great. Some timbers are easier and quicker to maintain than others, and this should be considered when selecting the best timber. It is important to note that a Cutek protection oil can help, and for tough climates, the Cutek Extreme is ideal for maintaining decks.


Timber generally has a good look and natural beauty. However, colour is a factor that must be considered when choosing a timber species. Colourtone can help improve the natural hue of timber, and as such, it is important to choose a shade that would match the natural colour of the wood.


The location of the deck is an important factor to consider when choosing the best timber. It is important for the timber to be able to withstand every weather condition it’s exposed to. These conditions include sunshine, wind and rain.

Budget and Availability

The price and the availability of the hardwood is also a factor to be considered. There are different factors that can influence the budget, and all these factors should be put into consideration. This includes the type of timber, the decking space and more.

The best hardwood for decking depends on the factors mentioned above. Rest assured that you’d select the best timber for your decking if you consider these factors.

Difference between hardwood and softwood

The two main types of timber are hardwood and softwood. People often get confused because it can be a little difficult to differentiate between the two. Hardwood is axed from slow-growing trees like teak, curnaru, iroko, and ipe, whereas softwood is axed from fast-growing, coniferous, or evergreen trees like pine.

One factor that is considered when choosing the right decking is durability. Generally, hardwood decking is more durable and long-lasting than softwood. Hardwood decking only requires little maintenance, and unlike softwood, it won’t decay within a short time.

When it comes to pricing, different factors influence the price of hardwood decking. However, it is generally within $10 to $100 for decking alone. You’d also pay for support structures and more.