Composite Decking Ballarat

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Composite Deck Installation in Ballarat

Finding the perfect building material that suits your requirements can be challenging because of all the different options. There are different materials capable of making heads turn, making it difficult for people to make the right decision.

Wood Plastic Composite is a material that will change the future of construction for good.

So what is wood plastic material?

As the name suggests, wood plastic composite material is a material created from a blend of plastic fibre and natural wood. The plastic powder is combined with pulp, peanut hulls, life back, unused woodworking materials, bamboo, sawdust and other similar materials to wormwood plastic composite.

What’s amazing is that wood plastic composite can be created from recycled materials, including those collected from wood product manufacturing facilities. Also, used wood plastic composite can be recycled to create a newer wood plastic composite.

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Benefits of Composite Decking

Are you wondering why wood-plastic composite is so exciting?

It is worth mentioning that this material is created from a paste-like substance that can be moulded to any size and shape (including bent or arched shapes). The innate flexibility of this material extends to its colour, and as such, it can be dyed to suit different design schemes.

Here are the main benefits of wood plastic composite:

  • Durable: Wood plastic composite is rot-resistant and moisture-resistant. Therefore, it will last integrally and aesthetically longer than normal wood. What’s amazing is that it is also heat-resistant to a higher degree than lumber.
  • Low Maintenance: Wood plastic composite is easier to maintain, unlike traditional wood. This material is ideal for people who lack the energy and time to maintain their decks. Wood plastic composite is easy to clean and keep looking new.
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood plastic composite is made from environmentally friendly materials, as shown above. The aim is to help preserve the ecosystem for future generations.

Composite Decking Pricing

Our prices depend on the number of boards needed to cover your deck, the size of your deck, as well as the style of boards you select. It is important to note that composite decking is generally more expensive, but it does not require any form of pre-treatment before use, which is an additional cost.

The prices in Australia range from $100 to $400 per square meter. It depends on the brand you choose. There are also different factors that influence the total cost of the project, as mentioned earlier. Composite decking might seem rather too expensive, but it’d help you cut down other expenses. For example, the cost of maintenance or the cost of pre-treatment before use.

At Ballarat Decking Solutions, we have a team of qualified professionals ready to handle any type of decking or renovation in Ballarat. We offer top-notch decking services with wood plastic composite. Give us a call to give your home an amazing touch with our professional designs.