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Pergolas Installations in Ballarat

Imagine yourself relaxing under the sun with a touch of shade while enjoying a breath of fresh air. It’s a great way to unwind yourself after a stressful week. Let this dream become a reality. Create an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors while staying at home. If this is what you’re looking for, building a well-designed pergola may be what you need.

Transform your backyard into a visually appealing living space by adding a pergola. Pergolas have sturdy columns that support a roofing grid made of beams or rafters. It has no concrete walls or roofs, making it very flexible for decorations and accessories on any occasion or preference.

Ballarat Decking Solutions uses its expertise in deck building to offer additional services with pergolas installation. The materials used in the construction are high-quality and come from reliable partnered suppliers. Our extensive experience in this industry has developed our craft and expertise.

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Pergola Designs

Pergolas aesthetically enhance your outdoor space. They can be attached to your home or stand separately. With their flexibility, pergolas have different designs based on customer’s liking and purpose. Here are the few types of pergolas design:

  • Traditional/Open Top – the most common design typically used to allow air circulation and sunlight exposure. The structural design improves the appearance of the outdoor space. 
  • Gabled – this design has a roof in a triangular shape that provides an impression of extra head space. Its shape allows efficient water runoff during rainy days rains as it slides down by gravity. Due to its simplistic design, the construction is relatively more straightforward and quicker than the traditional structure.
  • Pitched – a design that is usually attached to a house with an incorporated angle. There are more exciting options available with this design or concept. Due to its slope, it also allows good water runoff. 
  • Sail – a sleek and modern design that uses a sail stretched tightly to the columns or poles. Sails are available in different colours, making them popular with customers as it creates an individualistic look.
  • Steel – the design is the same as the open-top design but uses steel as the material. Due to the characteristics of steel, the pergola is strong and durable.

Differences between an arbour and a pergola

Many confused customers often use arbour and pergola interchangeably since they have similar features. They may have similar aesthetics, but they have very distinct differences.

Homeowners primarily use arbours as a decorative feature for walkways and paths. They are a lot smaller than pergolas and don’t provide much shade. Pergolas are large structures that offer more space and shade. You can use pergolas to hold barbeques and gatherings.

Nonetheless, if you seek to give your backyard a new look, consult us now, your outdoor expert of pergolas and decking in Ballarat.