5 Common Myths about Composite Decking

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Building a new deck is stressful enough for homeowners. Moreover, finding the right material can be a challenge. You have a wide range of choices, but you have to discern what will work best for you. Composite decking has been a rising star in outdoor decking for many years because of its ease of use, low maintenance, and longevity. However, it still received its fair share of scepticism and misconceptions throughout the years. 

It is time to keep out the fiction and learn the facts about it. To have a clear sense of what’s real and what isn’t, go through these five common myths about composite decking.

Myth #1: There is no maintenance involved in composite decking. 

No matter how high-quality the material you use on your decks, they will not clean themselves. While it is true that composite decks require lesser upkeep than standard timber, it doesn’t mean that there is no maintenance involved. The fact is that you still have to sweep it and mop it with soap and water every few months. However, with composite decks, you no longer have to sand, varnish, and oil your decks, unlike traditional wood. 

Myth #2: Its appearance looks like cheap plastic.

This assessment might have been true decades ago because the first batch of composite decks lacks variety in colours and textures. However, its industry has evolved tremendously over the years. Manufacturers have developed a range of choices that mimics the appearance of traditional wood decks. 

High-quality composite decking in Ballarat comes in different colours, grain patterns, textures, and finishes that replicate refined wood decks’ look. Besides its improved appearance, it can also last longer because of its outer shells that protect it from fading and warping. 

Myth #3: It is luxury-priced.

The initial cost of composite decks is a bit pricey, but if you consider it a long-term investment, you will be saving your wallet from long-term expenses such as annual staining, sanding, painting and sealing. The composite deck ends up paying for its worth, in the long run, so the upfront cost is justified. 

Its wide range of aesthetics, lesser upkeep, and longevity is far more affordable than standard timber. Manufacturers also incorporate reconstituted wood fibres and reclaimed plastic films on it so you can find entry-level prices of composite decks in the range of traditional wood. 

Myth #4: Installing composite decks is difficult. 

When composite decking was first introduced, installing it might have been challenging, but it is now as simple as installing traditional wood decks. Modern composite decks have developed the clip system, so for as long as you are familiar with deck installation, you can turn your decks into your DIY projects. However, if you plan for more complicated custom decks, it is best to ask for a professional’s help. Note that decks must be installed correctly to avoid sagging, warping, and splintering for you to get its long-term benefits. 

Myth #5: Composite decks are all eco-friendly. 

While it is great to help the environment in small ways, note that not all composite decks use environmentally friendly materials. Some companies manufacture composite decks using recycled materials, but some use virgin polymers and PVCs. If you prefer eco-friendly composite decks, you can research the company’s manufacturer to be sure. 


Composite decking’s first introduction in the market is not well-received by many, but things have changed. The developments and advantages it offers today have been the root cause of its favourable reputation. Composite decks will perhaps overcome the misconceptions and myths in due time, but you can ask homeowners who already used them if you plan to utilise them. 

Note that the right option for outdoor decks still depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. If you need advice and assistance for your decks, consult one of the teams that offer composite decking in Ballarat. Let the experts help you with what your decks need.