3 Reasons Why You Need To Switch to Composite Decking

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Ballarat has temperate weather throughout the year, but it can also be a bit unpredictable at times. For those who love to relax and entertain in their outdoor space, the peaceful ambience a deck provides is an enticing idea. 

Composite decking is a new take on upscaling your outdoor spaces with relatively low maintenance, low cost and reduced environmental impacts which has made it the preferred choice of many deck builders.

You could build your deck from a wide range of materials, but why should you consider composite decking? This article discusses three of the many reasons high-quality composite is the decking your outdoor space in Ballarat deserves.

High Quality but Low Maintenance

Composite decking has been a popular choice in Ballarat homes because its quality and looks are indistinguishable from regular timber. Various colour options and grain patterns are available to help you achieve an authentic hardwood look. 

Composite decking is a better alternative as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and is not susceptible to splintering and rotting, eliminating the need for annual sealings. These decks are ecologically more sustainable than regular timber, resulting in a landscape feature made to last. 

You should note that sustainability and quality are the backbones of a well-built outdoor area. It does not require regular maintenance. Composite decking offers durability that can outlast standard wood timber with minimal care and cleaning. 


Aesthetics are just add-ons to the main reasons why composite decking is adopted by many. Deck builders have chosen the practical decision of using reconstituted wood fibres and reclaimed plastic film. 

You can bid your goodbyes to harmful paints, sealers, and excessive wastes on project sites—no wonder how it has been a successful Ballarat decking material for residential use. You can have your dream deck built while doing away with harming nature and its resources. 

Cost-effective Investment

Compared to regular timber decking’s lower price, composite decking may seem pricier with its upfront cost. So why should you switch to it? Look at the greater picture and see how composite decking can benefit you in the long run. Cashing out a few extra bucks for a lifetime of minimal maintenance and upkeep is a justified long term investment. 

If you want to achieve the authentic look of timber without the associated negative externalities, composite decking is the best alternative. High-quality composite decking materials can withstand years of fluctuating climates. 


Decking in Ballarat has been a prominent practice for many years. Composite decking has been a popular choice for deck builders in increasing every home’s appeal, it is also a great tool in improving a property’s value in the current housing market.

We could go on with the other reasons why switching to composite decking can be beneficial not just for your outdoor area but also for your home’s overall quality. Nevertheless, the choice is still up to you. Do you want to hold on to conventional decking and bear the strain of annual upkeep and maintenance, or would you venture into the new shade of composite decking and take advantage of all it has to offer?

No matter what you decide on, composite decking has a wide range of prices to accommodate your budget and landscape goals. If you are still unsure, chat with our friendly team at Ballarat Decking Solutions.